Pneumatic Tube Carriers / Drive-Ups


IXT 2000 Pneumatic Tube Carrier:

Banking is a relationship business, and the IXT-2000 is a powerful tool for building total customer satisfaction and loyalty. Provide your drive-up customers with unobstructed views and clear two-way communication with the IXT-2000’s innovative design and technology. Utilize the IXT-2000 ’s enhanced video capabilities to keep customers informed and cross-sell your services.


  • Compact 16" x 18" footprint optimizes space for new or replacement drive-up solutions.
  • Cost-efficient design allows for installation of *optional video capabilities at any time, without purchase of additional video stand or cabinet

Easy to Service

  • Removable side-panels provide easy access and eliminate unnecessary lane obstruction.
  • Convenient electrical and mechanical service points, located in customer unit, eliminate need for canopy access.
IXT 2000 Pneumatic Tube Carrier

NC 500 Pneumatic Tube Carrier:


  • Attractive customer unit provides optimum appearance and endurance
  • Teller station design provides exceptional visibility and reduces operator fatigue
  • Compact 13" customer unit footprint installs on a 24" island providing maximum lane space
  • Carrier and controls are engineered for customer "ease of access" for both subcompact and commercial vehicles
  • High performance "Twin-Turbine" and "Smart Relay" technology provides fast transaction time and extended turbine lifetime
  • Night locking mechanism simultaneously secures the customer unit and the teller station
  • The integrated soft landing feature extends carrier life as well as reducing system wear and tear
  • Optional integrated two-way color video with motorized tilt control on lane camera
NC 500 Pneumatic Tube Carrier

Security Drawers

The IXD-1100 combines design, technology and heavy gauge materials to bring considerable advancements to transaction drawers. The innovative "Send" feature allows the customer to send the transaction when completed, significantly improving teller productivity. The large capacity design transfers large deposit bags and full boxes of rolled coin with ease. Heavy gauge materials provide maximum protection to employees

Large Capacity and Ergonomic Design

Large capacity (over 1100 cubic inches) provides easy transfer of large deposit bags, multiple boxes of rolled coin or even one single deposit slip. For ease of use, the drawer retracts to edge of counter while loading or unloading contents.

UL Tested

UL Listed for electrical and ballistics. Built in safety features provide maximum protection to tellers and customer service representatives.

IDX 1100 Security Drawer

Interactive Intercom System:

Teller Audio/Video Consoles

  • High quality two-way audio/video
  • Durable touch-sensitive keypad
  • Lane keys are configurable for up to 16 lanes with either numbers or colors
  • Volume up/down controls by individual console
  • Individual ring tones for each lane
  • Privacy feature bypasses microphone and speaker when optional headset or handset is in use
  • Easy setup procedure using keypad for one station for programming entire system
  • Designed for easy installation using standard CAT 5 cable for entire system

*Audio only models also available

Teller Audio/Video console