Digital Video Security Camera Systems


Digital Video Camera Systems:

At Skilcraft, we provide solutions for automated monitoring of 24 hour security surveillance cameras and CCTV technology. We stay on the cutting edge of security and surveillance technology to insure the complete security and satisfaction of our clients.

BX2 Digital Multiplex Recorder

BX2 provides the performance and storage capacity to meet the needs of large, fast-moving applications in retail, finance and government. 100 pictures per second record rate enables full 24-hour time-lapse record rates possible on all of its 16 video camera inputs. This makes BX2 equivalent to installing a time-lapse VCR for every camera. 1.2TB of internal storage complements the record performance, providing 4 months recording at default settings

New Digital Sprite 2

The Digital Sprite 2 has always set the standard for easy to use, reliable digital video recording with integrated telemetry control. Now a new generation of the DS2 is available that retains the features that have made the product so popular but adds significant improvements in local and networking functionality


  • Digital video multiplexing and recording
  • Built in alarms and relays
  • Audio recording
  • Over two months internal storage capacity
  • Maximum record rate of 120 PPS (DS2 Plus)

FlexiDome Cameras:

Flexidome sets a new standard for toughness and impact resistance. This compact and stylish dome camera is the ideal choice for numerous indoor and outdoor siuations.


  • Impact resistant
  • Monochrome color
  • 540 TVL color resolution
  • NightSense for low loght situations
  • Lens options for every application
  • Wall and pipe mounts available

DinionXF Day/Night Camera

The new Bosch DinionXF Digital CCD Day/Night Cameras feature a mechanically switching IR filter, ensuring the highest image quality possible even under poor lighting conditions. Users can record video evidence that’s not possible under visible light with the infrared enhancement. The cameras’ 15-bit digital video processing provides unsurpassed picture performance even under the most difficult light and scene conditions while XF-Dynamic extends the dynamic range, providing sharper, more detailed images with outstanding color accuracy.